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Released: Mach 2015

Engineered/Produced by: Jesse Cannon and Mike Oettinger

Recorded at: Cannon Found Soundation Studios / Union City, NJ

Mastered by: Jesse Cannon

Album Artwork by: Rick Calzi / Dying Breed Illustrations




Figure: A

I wish i could become more like you a pretty painting that everyone admires
you glow soft white in the lighting, but in the shadows you display imperfections.
we are whats wrong with the world today.
what about the pictures that you never developed
the disposable camera with the photos
that captured our friends who have passed
the death of each other.
i want to make a mantel for the ones we've lost.
this time i'll make these songs for them.
this is all you'll get for now.

To The Greatest Love I Will Never See

I want to write to my dearest wife
that i'll be home in a couple of days
distraught from the news today given good people are rewarded pain
tear me up, tear me up lost in my thughts
sanction this horrible news with an outbreak
i'll wear myself to the ground
theres only two people i need
people wont understand me
cross it off the list of unfamiliar feelings.
i want to think back to when my wife and i shared each others glory
we both made a beautiful child and learned to live responsible ways
but now shes gone and never coming back.
this is to the greatest love i'll never see
the soft touch of her rosy cheeks
looking at her father and she starts to smile
looking at her mother while she starts to laugh
a father and a daughter is a special thing
a mother and a daughter makes for special meanings
we'll miss those restless nights walking into her room that we made together
shes the product of us shes the product of love shes the product of what we wanted
but now shes gone and never coming back
i hope she can hear me sing this
all i want to think about is if we had a second chance at bringing her back
our little girl we made.
if she could hear her father speaking i'd tell her daddy wants her to know that she holds
a special place in my heart but right now its still healing.

Counting Backwards

If i could sit for a minute and think
about the times that i had to lie to myself
in order to realize what i've done wrong here.
I'd be an idiot if i thought that i was right here all along
and i've said it im apathetic to the changes that i need to make
and i've walked the course and i've made the time but im still required to trace dotted lines
i fucking hate it, i fucking hate this, cause i see that i'm becoming just like him.
i fucking hate this. things need to change cause i see that i'm becoming like my father.
you wont fall far from the tree.
oh, there needs to be a change.
cause i've been seeing a pattern
in order to make a change
i gotta make things work
cause im all that i got
i need to make things work.

Letter To My Friends

we all know people who have altered our lives in a way they have given us perspective and insight
the only issue is we captured those times spent through these timelines we made years ago through these photographs
is this all we are? stamps on a stone which we own. but do we remember the steps that it takes that lead us to this.
i want to say im thankful for the friends i've made theyve given me hope and kicked my ass with motivating obstacles
but where i failed most is helping those who i shouldve known with more secrets. i want to give thanks to the ones that i've helped out the most. you know we have a long way to go. i want to give back to those i've lost
and carry away there memories and words with me.

Elevator Music

Placed on a pedestal surrounding my ignorance i want to be human again
breathe through my lungs but the thought just makes me so nervous and kind of scared
of wanting to know what it feels like to breathe in air.Cut it out, i've had my chances
burried them with ignorance. but there people surrounding my memorial for what?
I spent the night in the basement induced by a cocktail of anti-depressants my moods werent consistent
i met an equation that led me to seeing that i was the one who was dead in the end. one minute surrounded by my friends and family to what looks like to be a memorial a simple equation that led me to seeing that i was the one who was dead.
when i mentioned the thought of polluting myself with the words that i would give in i regret i was losing it. all these broken promises, communication tossed outside of the window. that was it i was becoming a person once again.
we'll move on, we'll move on from this.

An Introduction To The First Day Of Living

In a book we haven't written
theres a page i wish to explore
of events that we made when we were young and just bashful and innocent kids
not that it ever ment anything to you.
Save the ones with the photographs of me cause they tell a story.
we all have the right to know
why its complicated
its just enough for a photograph.
writing on the pages of this book we haven't even read yet.
ensure we'll raise white flags, surrendered
ensure we wont need the help if youre asking.
what do you want.
if you could make time then i was important to you
if you could see life and how its supposed to be viewed then
you'd know that theres more to life than this.

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