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Following the band's birth in 2013, Franchise recorded their self­-titled debut LP in September of that year at Treehouse Sound Studios in Jersey City, New Jersey. In support of the album, Franchise spread to regional markets.


After the amicable departure of original singer Tony Cincotta in May 2014, Franchise recruited Kenny Collette (Lady Radiator, The Murder and The Harlot) to take over lead vocal duties. Collette, who went to high school with Costa and Rizzi, immediately introduced a more diverse, melodic element to the band's sound space, which sparked Franchise's shift down a more progressive and sonically experimental creative path.


In March 2015, the band recorded its sophomore release—Santa Muerte— at Cannon Found Soundation in Union City,New Jersey with Jesse Cannon (Senses Fail, Saves The Day, Man Overboard) and Mike Oettinger. The six song EP was released in June 2015 to positive reviews and audience approval.

Following the release of Santa Muerte, the band bunkered in their practice space and started demoing new material. Countless hours of writing and demoing led to the creation of the band's forthcoming release, Ghost Light.


Franchise returned to Cannon Found Soundation to track this new EP with producer Jesse Cannon in the Summer of 2016. During the midst of writing Ghost Light, Collette re-located to Florida's panhandle where he resides today. The creation of Ghost Light took an experimental twist as Collette has been tracking his vocals in his Tallahassee home, sending files back and forth to Cannon in New Jersey, creating similar constructive scenarios as Thrice and the Postal Service. 

Ghost Light was released on July 14, 2017 and is now available via all digital outlets worldwide. 


Franchise is not a band to rest on its laurels. The band has took it upon itself to revive an aggressive, emotionally-

charged style of music that challenges listeners with intense lyrical themes and unrelenting sonic peaks and valleys.Franchise will change and progress, remain restless and relish the challenges the band sets for itself.




Named to The Star Ledger's Bands to Listen to in 2016 list.


PROPERTY OF ZACK - "Franchise brings a refined yet aggressive urgency to their music, starting right out of the gate with “Figure A,” the opening track on their latest release Santa Muerte. This raw emotion consistently radiates throughout the next five tracks with gritty vocals and powerful melodies." 

THE AQUARIAN WEEKLY - "Franchise seamlessly blends clean melodies with raging vocals and rhythms, making what can only be described as cataclysmically beautiful." 

NEW TRANSCENDENCE - "The combination of Franchise's frantic instrumentation and expert vocal efforts makes Santa Muerte a stellar release that demands the attention from any fan of emotional, energetic music." 

SPREAD THEIR SOUND (France) - "Santa Muerte unveils a band with an incredible potential. The Americans hit very hard, shaking up the rules and proving a band doesn't need to cloister itself in one unique style" - "Sonically, Franchise is not especially innovative, but the band's ferocious approach to post-hardcore is executed with guile. "Santa Muerte" is anchored by the darkness of Collette's words, and backed beautifully by brooding guitar and crashing drums.  

Collette's tenacious screams are, in tone, very similar to Alexisonfire frontman George Pettit. But Collette's phrasing is superior to many screamers, in that listeners catch his lyrics the first time through. And with solemn messages surrounding depression and suicide, it's important to hear him loud and clear. 

Perhaps most impressive is his range — Collette also does the clean singing, and delivers with so much polish its difficult to believe he's also the guy ripping the verses with such serration. 








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